The linear economy puts pressure on valuable land and soil, causing overconsumption, with land and soil degradation and pollution as a result. Neither the risks nor the costs are properly integrated into economic and social systems or in decision-making processes. This can lead to significant damage and loss of economic, ecological and societal benefits. Awareness is growing that land and soil play a vital role in our economy and in meeting societal and ecological needs. WRF 2019 will dig deeper into this theme and into solutions of how to handle and safeguard land and soil as valuable resources in closed loops, taking into account the long-term systemic impact.

Global session: Preserving soil and land

Soil and land are vital yet finite resources and are at risk globally by degradation and climate change. Unfortunately, a general sense of awareness and policy instruments are lacking, even though scientists recently sounded the alarm regarding these critical life-supporting resources and the importance of sustainably preserving them in order to safeguard people, planet and profits. Present-day soil and land management is fundamental to the discussions about the future for water, food and energy to support an increasing global population. Renowned authorities on soil and land resources will present the sense of urgency, challenges and possible ways forward for soil and land stewardship policies and management to strengthen global societal and ecosystem cycles.

Date and time:

Monday 25 February,  12:00 - 13:00


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
Room: Okapi 2

Hosted by:

OVAM and European Commission