Separate collection and reuse at Ibogem

Flanders is an international top Region for separate collection and recycling of waste. This visit to the recycling park and reuse shop of Ibogem will show in practice how separate collection in Flanders works, for the collection and sorting of a wide variety of household waste streams. After a presentation, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the recycling park and the reuse shop on site as to experience the concrete operationalization.

After the visit, participants will get back to the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp, where a sandwich lunch will be offered.


09:00-09:45: transport to Ibogem

09:45-10:00: welcome with coffee

10:00-10:45: presentation

10:45-12:15: on site visit

12:15-13:00: transport to Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre Antwerp

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