Prof. Ir. Bernard Mazijn

Bernard Mazijn.jpg

By training Bernard Mazijn is an environmental engineer. He obtained as well a degree in ‘Development Cooperation’.

Professionally, his career developed along two lines. The past 30 years, he was on the one hand employed in the academic world (research, education, societal services), and on the other hand he was involved in policymaking at various levels (from local to international). Sustainable development has always been the field of work, sometimes with a focus on the environmental dimension.

Next to his teaching in higher education, he gives training on matters related to sustainable development. Bernard’s research projects for different stakeholders - and subsequently publications - are focussing on transition towards sustainable development, circular economy, sustainable consumption and production, social responsibility of organisations, sustainable products, technology transfer, monitoring and evaluation. He is a member of several scientific committees at international conferences.

In terms of policy, he worked for public administrations and in cabinets of members of the federal government in Belgium. In that capacity Bernard has been involved in negotiations, expert groups etc. within the context of UNFCCC, UN CSD, UNEP, OECD and EU.

As a Belgian national, he is proficient in spoken and written Dutch, French and English, with a good understanding of Spanish.

Today Bernard is managing director of the non-for-profit organisation Institute for Sustainable Development in Bruges (Belgium) and professor in ‘sustainable development’ at Ghent University (Belgium). He also works as an independent consultant. More information via or

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