Mr. Koen Van den Heuvel

Mr. Koen Van den Heuvel bio


In 1988 Koen finished his studies in Economic and Political Sciences at the University of Leuven, the KUL. He received a bachelor degree in philosophy, too. His professional career started at the National Bank of Belgium. There he held an executive position in the research department from 1989 until 2004 and wrote several reports on the labour market and the economic conjuncture.

In 1989 Koen was elected for the first time in his hometown of Puurs to be a municipal councillor, he still holds this position today. He gained experience in his function as an alderman (responsible for Youth, Culture and Finance) from 1992 till 1997 and subsequently as the mayor of Puurs, for more than 20 years. During this period he transformed Puurs from a somewhat sleepy municipality into a thriving and dynamic one. Last year he was the architect of the cross-border merger of the two municipalities Puurs and Sint-Amands, the sole merger in the province of Antwerp.

In 2004 Koen was elected as a member of the Flemish parliament and from 2012 onward he became the chairman of the CD&V-group. As a MP of the Flemish parliament his mayor concerns were finance and budget policy, internal policy, innovation, labour and environment. During the negotiations of the 6th State reform of Belgium he was one of the architects of the new finance law.

On the 6th of February 2019 Koen Van den Heuvel became the Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Agriculture.

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