Mr. Christof Delatter

Christof Delatter.jpg

Christof Delatter is an engineer in biochemistry. He is Member of Staff at VVSG, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (Flanders being the dutch-speaking part of Belgium) since September 1999, where he is responsible for the policies on intermunicipal cooperation, public-private partnerships and household waste management. In this function, he coordinates Interafval, the cooperation between VVSG and all Flemish intermunicipal waste management organizations.

He has close contacts with the municipalities, intermunicipal organizations as well as with the central government and Cabinet officials. Over the years, Interafval has become a prominent spokespartner on MSW-management for the regional government and official departments in Belgium. Christof Delatter is also active in the CEMR Ad Hoc Working Group on Waste. He is a Member of the Policy Committee of Municipal Waste Europe.

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