H2020 Consortia on Industrial Symbiosis

H2020 Consortium on Industrial Symbiosis

9 European funded projects with a focus on Industrial Symbiosis join forces to organize this side-event where they will present tools and success stories of Industrial Symbiosis and discuss the future of the field.


1st Day | 25th February - Room Gorilla 1


Opening statement: Industrial Symbiosis in Europe and the vision of the process industries
Àngels Orduña – A.SPIRE

14:15 EPOS Toolbox
Greet Van Eetvelde (UGent) & Ivan Kantor (EPFL) – EPOS Project
Introduction and explanation of the EPOS toolbox. Presentation of generic IS cases.

New valuable applications from the Pulp & Paper Industry waste. Practical examples of Industrial Symbiosis
Juan José Cepriá (ACCIONA) – PAPERCHAIN Project
Description of results from the collaboration among different sectors and the Pulp &
Paper Industry. How to gather requirements for the innovative valorization of complex waste streams.

MUDIPEL, an innovative composite material made of different paper rejects.
Karmen Fifer (ZAG) - PAPERCHAIN Project
Practical example of the solutions developed in the project.

16:00 Break Projection of project videos in the conference room
16:15 FISSAC Industrial Symbios Platform
Davide Maglio (RINA) & Ozge Ylmaz (EKODENGE) - FISSAC Project
Presentation and demonstration of the Industrial Symbios Platform developed under FISSAC Project. The platform connects facilities, symbiosis experts, government representatives, and consultants under one roof to successfully create symbiosis networks. Key Features: Flexible production and facility modelling, LCA, LCC, KPI-based analysis and marketplace.
17:00 SPRING: enhancing the impact of Industrial Symbiosis projects in the SPIRE portfolio
Amy Peace (Britest) & John Henderson (Britest) – SPRING Project
An overview of activities and learning from the SPRING project to enhance the impact of collaborative projects. Including methods to address barriers to industrial exploitation and approaches to aid better decision making when considering industry improvement opportunities.
17:30 Closing Side - Event 1st day

2nd Day | 26th February - Room Gorilla1

10:00 Opening 2nd day: Industrial Symbiosis in Europe
Àngels Orduña – A.SPIRE
10:15 Best practices and key enabling technologies & intermediaries for effective industrial symbiosis
Marco Estrela (ISQ) & Cliona Howie (Climate-KIC) - SCALER Project
Presentation of the findings from SCALER’s reports on ‘Best practices and key enabling technologies & intermediaries for effective industrial symbiosis’.
11:00 Industrial symbiosis in the Urbanrec project
Sarah Risch (OVAM) & Luigi Pugliano (BPP) – URBANREC Project
The results of industrial symbiosis in the Urbanrec project. Case study: the added value of the use of the Flemish symbiosis platform for providers of new technologies.
12:00 SHAREBOX - How to acquire symbiotic synergies successfully on the web
Ansgar Rudolph (CCB) – SHAREBOX Project
Introduction to the SHAREBOX concept and showcasing how the online solution works
13:00 Lunch break Projection of project videos in the conference room
15:00 MAESTRI T4IS (Toolkit 4 Industrial Symbiosis)
Daniel Summerbell (UCAM) & Marco Estrela (ISQ) – MAESTRI Project
Short overview of MAESTRI and then a focus on the work developed concerning IS, namely the T4IS.
16:00 Collaborative demand response by optimal production scheduling in an industrial cluster
Andrea Ballarino (ITIA) & Juliano Camargo (VITO) – SYMBOPTIMA Project
Integrated Solution for managing energy demand response of a cluster of companies, exploiting local flexibility by energy aware production scheduling.
  Symby-Net: a new tool for industrial symbiosis
Carlo Brondi, Simone Cornago (ITIA) – SYMBIOPTIMA Project
A tool to manage and optimize LCSA impacts of industrial symbiosis networks.
15:30 Closing Side - Event 2nd day

25th & 26th February Activities Booth28

Showcasing of Industrial Symbiosis IT tools and live testing:

  • SHAREBOX online platform

  • EPOS IT toolbox


  • The Flemish Symbiosis Platform (URBANREC)

  • FISSAC Industrial Symbiosis platform

Exposition of samples – from initial waste to the valorized new materials
Continuous projection of videos and presentations
Meet & Greet project partners
Projects posters, banners and communication material