Dr. Ton Bastein

Ton (A.G.T.M.) Bastein has a Ph.D. in chemistry (Heterogeneous Catalysis, Leiden, 1988). He started as a research manager and product developer of detergents at Unilever. He has worked at TNO (The Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research) since 1993 in many areas as research manager (ranging from cleaning technology to nanotechnology, semiconductor equipment development and defense technology). Since 2010 he has focused on research in the area of raw materials availability, resource efficiency and circular economy, developing, initiating and conducting research activities. He founded the Platform on Materials Scarcity in order to ensure the topic of raw materials availability received a higher awareness in the Dutch academic and policy landscape. Amongst others he wrote reports for the Dutch government on  “Opportunities for a circular economy in The Netherlands” (2012/13) and “Critical Materials for the Dutch Economy (2015). He is also involved in recent analyses concerning the potential of the circular economy on a municipality scale (Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Rotterdam) and a regional scale. He was involved in several European R&D projects (POLFREE, RECREATE, CRM_InnoNet) and service contracts (Ramintech) for the EC. Together with colleague Elmer Rietveld, he was involved in the European Commission’s recent 2nd revision of the Critical Raw Materials list.
The basis for these activities is the drive to quantify impacts of sustainability, circular economy and raw materials issues on job creation and environmental issues. Bastein therefore strongly believes in working with multidisciplinary teams (business administration, macro-economics, environmental economics, environmental assessments, technology experts in relevant fields), both within TNO (the broad Netherlands Applied Research Organization) and outside TNO (government, academic institutions, employers organisations, individual companies, consultants).