Dr. Erik Paredis

Erik Paredis.jpg

Erik Paredis is an assistant professor ‘Transition Governance’ at the Department of Political Sciences of Ghent University and a post-doctoral researcher, connected to the research groups Centre for Sustainable Development (CDO) and the Ghent Institute for International Studies (GIIS). He has a PhD in political sciences, a licentiate in economics and a licentiate in Germanic philology. His research interests include the politics of sustainability, policy analysis and implementation, the role of civil society, the relationship between sustainability and science and technology, and North-South issues of sustainability. During the last few years, these interests have converged in the study of sustainability transitions, how they can be understood and if/how they can be influenced through transition governance. Empirically, this research has addressed waste and the circular economy, the agro-food system, and the housing and building system. He is amongst other things a member of the Steering Group of the policy program Vlaanderen Circular (Circular Flanders) and co-promotor of the new UGent business development center End-of-Waste (with prof. dr. Erik Meers as lead promotor).

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