C.R. (Nelo) Emerencia

Nelo Emerencia

Mr. Emerencia studied Chemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). In 1973 he returned to Aruba, his native island, where he worked at the Esso refinery and progressed to Marketing Manager. In 1985 Nelo was transferred to the chemicals business in Rotterdam and later in Brussels and held positions in economics and planning, marketing and public affairs.

In 1998 Nelo was seconded to PlasticsEurope in Brussels, where he worked as Communications and Public Affairs Director for three years. Main achievement was the increase of awareness and acceptance of the applications of plastics in our daily life. He returned to ExxonMobil to assume the position of public affairs manager for The Netherlands. In 2006 he was seconded to the Dutch Chemical Industry Association in the positions of Education & Innovation Manager and Secretary of the Dutch Chemistry Board through June 2014.

During this assignment Nelo occupied himself with bio-based economy activities for the chemical industry, the required developments in general education and education curricula to support the chemical industry of the future.

Nelo retired in 2014 and as an independent consultant he has assumed his current position as director programming Bio-based Industries Consortium since 1 April 2015. As of July 2018, Nelo is also the single partnership coordinator of the bio-economy partnership of the thematic smart specialisation platforms’ pilot action ‘interregional innovation projects’.

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