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The replacement of existing materials with reusable organic materials and the transformation from fossil based to bio-based materials will become the main challenge for future generations. However, fitting the new organic materials in the current economic model, and realizing synergies between the bioeconomy and the circular economy to create a more sustainable economy, is far from easy. Many pressing questions remain unanswered. The conference wants to zoom in on cases and solutions that demonstrate the possible benefits and pitfalls of the introduction of bio-based products in a circular economy.

Global Session: Bio-economy: circular by nature!

The transition from a linear to a circular economy is indispensable. But is it enough? The circular economy remains partially based on fossil resources. Society is facing a growing demand for resources as the world population is growing fast and the overall standard of living is increasing. Why wouldn’t we also make use of biotic resources? Is this even possible and will we then close the loop?

This global session will give insights on what the bioeconomy is and how Europe is progressing towards it in a global context. Furthermore, to realize a circular bio-based economy, a ‘multi-stakeholder participation’ is crucial. This session will show how industry is ready to face the challenge.

Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February, 14:00 - 15:00


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
Room: Okapi 1

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Mr. Nelo Emerencia

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