7. Make and take design principles and solutions for closed material loops in the building sector

Design choices, extending the service life of buildings and building products while fostering closed material loops, are key to the transition towards a circular economy. To share the Flemish expertise in Designing for Change and Circularity while developing it further, we bring an interactive workshop to the World Resource Forum.

During our workshop, participants are introduced to 20+ design principles and solutions created for all actors of the built environment. Using an online interface, each participant can learn how to use those principles and is invited to evaluate and develop solutions. The results are shared and discussed in real time.


Date and time:

Monday 25 February 2019, 14:00 - 15:30


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Peacock

Hosted by:

VUB Architectural Engineering and VIBE


  • Mrs. Mieke Vandenbroucke
  • Mrs. Charlotte Cambier