37. Plastics2Chemicals: Molecule Management ® to convert plastics into chemical feedstock

Indaver uses its Molecule Management® approach to supplement existing mechanical recycling methods with new techniques for chemical and thermal recycling. With its plastics2chemicals project (P2C) Indaver is developing an innovative solution for ‘end-of-life’ plastics that cannot be recycled. In a new facility Indaver will break down these plastics into smaller hydrocarbon chains using a depolymerisation technique. This process will produce high-grade raw materials for the chemical industry. Together with the University of Ghent, a pilot plant for thermal molecular recycling was developed. By 2020 Indaver wants to have a first 15 kton/y demo-plant operational as the first of 10 facilties throughout Europe.


Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February 2019, 15:30 - 17:00


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Toucan

Hosted by:



  • Mr. Erik Moerman


Graduated from the University of Brussels as a chemical engineer, Erik completed his academic education with a Master of Science in Environmental engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA). In 1997 he started working for Indaver in the waste management industry and has been growing through technical (project manager) and commercial (sales manager) disciplines up till business development manager industrial services today. Over the years Erik has been establishing a wide network within the European chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Understanding the needs of these industries leads Erik to guide Indaver in making the right choices in terms of growth. Within this position he screens and prioritizes growth opportunities within the Indaver Industrial Services strategy, working out a selection of high potential business cases to a concrete business plan, deal making with internal and external stakeholders and implementation of (mainly investments and acquisition) projects with focus on the recovery of energy and high-end materials. Doing so he delivers a substantial contribution within the company to realize the circular economy.

  • Dr. Ir. Stijn Dekeukeleire

Dr. Ir. Stijn Dekeukeleire is Business Developer at Ghent University. He manages a multidisciplinary consortium of 23 professors and over 120 researchers active in the field of (physico-)chemical process design and optimization. The consortium aims at facilitating the industrial adoption
of innovative, high-level technological research towards a sustainable chemical industry. Particular focus points comprise process intensification and resource recovery/circular economy.
In his role Stijn facilitates collaborations with industrial partners, defines the IP and valorization strategy for technologies developed within the center, is responsible for software and IP licensing, and actively supports the set-up of spin-off companies.

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