3. Making waste smart – How EPR systems are closing the loop

The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA) and Ecoembes are delighted to invite you to a joint workshop on how EPR systems across Europe can help society and businesses move from a linear to a circular economy by driving innovation in the waste management sector.

Participants will be able to explore how they can use big data and new technologies to close loops in waste management in their communities. We will share findings from a pilot project conducted by Ecoembes’ innovation laboratory, TheCircularLab, that used big data to optimise waste collection in northern Spain, as well as the Lab’s efforts to improve efficiency of treatment plants in the same area. Through discussion we will explore the relevant systemic drivers and lessons learned that could be used to replicate such systems in other municipalities across Europe, delivering concrete improvements.


Date and time:

Monday 25 February 2019, 14:00 - 15:30


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
Room: Okapi 2

Hosted by:

Expra + Ecoembes


  • Mr. Joachim Quoden
  • Mr. Fernando Sanz
  • Mr. Miguel Angel Gonzalez San Roman