29. E-Circular: innovations to unlock waste prevention and circularity

Every year, each European citizen uses over 100 kilograms of plastic. Studies show that by 2050, plastic-related CO2 emissions are expected to
nearly double. Therefore, plastic value chains need to drastically change to contribute to the -2° Paris Agreement targets.

This session aims to rethink and disrupt our relationship to plastics – for both the production and consumption systems - and identify digital
innovations to unlock waste prevention and circularity for the industry. Through energising pitches and hands-on co-creation sessions, the workshop
will bring together key experts, innovative projects and start-ups, industry players, academia and policy makers, triggering the change needed to
meet our waste challenges of tomorrow by learning and planning around joint actions.

The workshop will start with short and energising pitches combining nine start-ups and projects aimed at closing the loop for different material
systems. We will discover and learn from their experience and connections will start to emerge.

Block 1: Prioritise waste prevention, make most out of existing material flows.
1. BECIRCLE: New service and web-based tool to increase circularity in industrial parks.
Delphine Antoniucci, Project Manager, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN.
2. Plastics Blockchain: Exploring business opportunities and climate change mitigation potential for a Blockchain application aimed at a regional
network of SMEs that generates small amounts of plastic leftovers.
Holger Berg, Project Coordinator (PhD), Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy.
3. AIM4CE: Feasibility evaluation for the servitisation of innovative players in the mobility industry (Riversimple and ENSO Tyres) and to partner-up
and co-create circular value propositions through new collaborative agreements.
Tim C. McAloone, Professor (PhD), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet.

Block 2: Reuse and remanufacturing to extend material lifecycle.
4. InnoWEEE: Innovative WEEE traceability and collection system with geo-interoperability of WEEE data.
Luca Campadello, Projects & Research Manager, ECODOM.
5. Refurbed: Online platform offering refurbished electronics as a way to achieve product life extension.
Kilian Kaminski, Founder & CEO, refurbed.
6. CURE: Set up remanufacturing labs to increase the use of secondary materials in cities, helping to generate knowledge and standards for
secondary material use.
Isabel Ordoñez, Project Manager (PhD), Technische Universität Berlin

Block 3: End-of-life solutions to close the loop.
7. ZRR4WASTE: Automated plastic sorting methods using robots and artificial intelligence.
Beatriz Riesco Garcia, Innovation Project Manager, CI3-Ferrovial.
8. Close Loop: Supporting the CEFLEX Consortium work towards their goal of closing the loop for post-consumer flexible packaging by
understanding the barriers for recycling.
Petrissa Eckle, Executive Director sus.lab, ETH Zürich
9. (Start-up) Recycl3R: Mobile and web application providing recyclability information to end-users on products/packaging with an integrated reward
Iván González, CEO, Recycl3R

Afterwards, attendees will be offered the possibility to strengthen those connections by joining hands-on co-creation sessions with those initiatives
that resonate with them. Come and join us!


Icoon klimaat

Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February 2019, 11:30 - 13:00


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Gorilla 3


  • Dr. Holger Berg,  Project Coordinator (PhD), Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
  • Dr. Petrissa Eckle, Executive Director sus.lab, ETH Zürich
  • Mr.Alexander Langghut, Project Manager, sus. Lab ETH Zürich
  • Mr. Tim C. McAloone, Professor (PhD), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
  • Mr. Luca Campadello, Projects & Research Manager, ECODOM
  • Mr. Kilian Kaminski, Founder & CEO, refurbed
  • Mrs. Isabel Ordoñez, Project Manager (PhD), Technische Universität Berlin
  • Mrs. Caroline Fernandez, Innovation Project Manager, CI3-Ferrovial
  • Mr. Iván González, CEO, Recycl3R


Mr. Piotri Pogorzelsk, Communications Manager, Sustainable Production Systems, EIT Climate-KIC