27. Copper and the Circular Economy: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

A greener, healthier and more sustainable future relies on copper. Its life is infinite—with no end phase—and it is essential across the fields of renewables, energy efficiency and electrified transport. As copper usage increases, it is essential to explore an event tighter loop of reclamation. This includes not only the most efficient reuse of the metal itself, but also the energy consumed through the metal’s life cycle. In this session, we will consider three lifecycle phases (make, use, return) and present challenges, opportunities and tangible solutions.


Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February 2019, 11:30 - 13:00


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Okapi 2

Hosted by:

International Copper Association


  • Mr. Bernard Respaut
  • Mrs. Sonia Valdivia
  • Mrs. Blanca Araujo
  • Mrs. Laura Gerritson
  • Mrs. Ing-Marie Andersson Drugge
  • Mrs. Kirsten Hund
  • Mrs. Nicole Hanson


Mrs. Julie Kjestrup

Icoon metaal