22. Wood as a sustainable resource to abate climate change

Climate change and CO2 emissions are critical for our future generations and need to be tackled. One way is to use nature’s own resources, our forests and trees! The workshop will elaborate on the impact of trees, the potential and their use to contribute to negative CO2 emissions.

Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February,  09:50 - 11:20


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room Gorilla 2

Hosted by:



  • Mr. Franz-Jozef Radermacher
  • Mr. Tom Crowther
  • Mr. Jean-François Bastin
  • Mr. Pekka Lesquinen
  • Mr. Robert Schmitz
  • Mr. Fabio Menten
  • Mr. Ruben Guisson
  • Mr. Ludo Diels


Mr. Ludo Diels