19. Global electronics waste flows: How to improve high-quality recycling?

For every 1 tonne of electronics waste Europe recycles, 2 tonnes are a lost opportunity. What’s happening? This deep-dive workshop will evaluate what’s needed to ensure that global electronics waste flows are directed towards the right high-quality recyclers for safe and efficient material recovery. We want to debate how to reduce barriers and bureaucracy, how to reduce non-compliant recycling, and how to tackle illegal e-waste shipments. These measures are essential to improving EU and global recycling rates for valuable and precious metals, and to reducing the environmental impacts associated with improper management of hazardous substances.

Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February 2019,  09:50 - 11:20


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Okapi 3

Hosted by:

Euromteaux , EERA and WEEE Forum


  • Mrs. Maria Banti
  • Mrs. Nancy Isarin
  • Mr. Thierry Van Kerckhoven
  • Mr. Chris Slijkhuis
  • Mr. Pascal Leroy
  • Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
Icoon metaal
Moderator Mr. David Rose
Mr. David Rose