18. Plastics, a sustainable material for the future

Plastics are often depicted as a symbol of the linear economy. Through facts, figures and innovation we demonstrate that plastics have the potential to be as recyclable as glass, paper or metal. Company testimonials will illustrate how the industry is engaging in this challenging path to circularity. Since open innovation is crucial to assuring a sustainable future for plastics, particular attention will be given to the innovation process and outcomes. Finally, we address the many benefits of collaboration and multi stakeholder initiatives.

Workshop Outline:
1. Introduction (essenscia & Catalisti) : Getting to know you and checking your ‘plastic & innovation literacy’ (interactive, through multiple choices questions with immediate return on answers of participants)
2. Setting the scene (essenscia & Catalisti): Bringing the facts, figures, and overview of the plastic waste and recycling challenge, the solutions, the role of innovation as a key means for the sector to grow towards circularity
3. Company testimonials : Indaver together with the University of Gent, Jindal & Total explain how their companies have been embarking on the challenging path towards circularity and how innovation has been a key aspect.
•    Jindal – Design for recycling - How innovation is tackling the issue of recyclability of plastic films
•    Indaver & UGent – Chemical recycling: From open innovation to pilot plant: Innovation as a catalysator of change
•    Total – Styrenics Circular Solutions platform : Cooperation for enabling circularity of plastics
4. Discussion & feedback from participants in relation to what they knew/thought at the beginning of the workshop: Has their point of view evolved? Or not? Why?
5. Wrap up: What is already happening or planned that we couldn't show you & let's keep in touch


Date and time:

Tuesday 26 February 2019,  09:50 - 11:20


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: OKAPI 1

Hosted by:

Essenscia - Catalisti


  • Mr. Erik Moerman
  • Mr. Herman Van Roost
  • Mr. Laurent Chantraine
  • Mr. Steven De Meester
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Moderator Mrs. Saskia Walraedt
Mrs. Saskia Walraedt