13. Towards a strategy for a circular resource management system in road engineering

Public infrastructure allows us the mobility for personal transport and logistic, increasing our economic and social development. The next decades most existing infrastructure will be renewed and new infrastructure is planned in order to keep this mobility effective. In road infrastructure the reclaimed materials can be given a new life by recycling or reusing them in the built environment. It is preferred to use these materials as much and as much related to their former function, e.g. in a road structure. Decreasing quality and downsizing function must be avoided. In this workshop several speakers from government, academic research groups and industry present their ideas about methods, obstructions, opportunities and case-studies in order to start a new international group which will work out a resource recycling management system for public road works. In a first step we focus on asphalt pavement, since we have a good view on this material. We are looking for input from the audience to share ideas, success and failure examples, also from other sectors, in such a way this system will be operational within some years and can be consulted by open source code. Please join us if you have an idea and valuable input on this topic.


16.00-16u10 Introduction of the workshop by Prof. Wim Van den bergh: objective of the workshop and road map of SSMARAGD (
16u10-16u20 Introduction of SSMARAGD: methodology and approach
16u20-17u10 Five selected cases from industry and academic research
•    Bernard Hofko (TU Wien): Parameters to be taken into account, specific case Ageing
•    Laurent Porot (Kraton): using rejuvenators to increase quality of recycled asphalt
•    Milliyon Woldekidan (Bam Infra): LEA2P high quality recycling of asphalt
•    Matti Buyle (UAntwerpen): LCA – do’s and don’ts
•    Tobias Denys (VITO): Decision modelling – cases of practices in the built environment
17u10-17u25 Discussion session with a set of hypotheses in advance and the participants can add their opinion
Closing ( Prof. Amaryllis Audenaert)


Date and time:

Monday 25 February 2019, 16:00 - 17:30


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Pelican

Hosted by:

University Antwerp


  • Mr. Milliyon Woldekidan
  • Mr. Bernhard Hofko
  • Mr. Laurent Porot
  • Mr. Matti Buyle
  • Mr. Tobias Denys
  • Mr. Johan Blom