12. Glass, the End of Waste success story in Europe

European glass recyclers are recycling more than 90% of the collected packaging glass in End of Waste high quality Furnace Ready Cullet directly used in the production of new glass products.
The speakers will explain the long story of this successful activity, underlining the efforts developed even in countries without a real recycling culture. They will also compare the European approach to the North-American one. Lessons will be learned to develop similar results in the recycling of flat glass with still a high potential of recycling growth.


Date and time:

Monday 25 February 2019, 16:00 - 17:30


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Room: Peacock

Hosted by:

FERVER the European federation of glass recyclers


  • Mrs. Adeline Farrelly
  • Mr. Ulli Ix
  • Mr. Constantin Damov
  • Mr. Bertrand Cazes
Icoon afval
Moderator Mr. Baudouin Ska
Mr. Baudouin Ska