The Public Waste Agency of Flanders is the principal authority in the Belgian region of Flanders for sustainable management of waste, materials and soils. OVAM uses its expertise on waste, materials and soils worldwide to help shape international policy.

OVAM works to achieve six well-defined objectives:

• reducing the waste mountain;

• re-using and recycling waste materials;

• processing waste materials in an environmentally-friendly manner;

• initiating the transition to a circular economy – an economy where goods are produced and re-used in a sustainable manner;

• remediating contaminated soils;

• preventing new soil contamination.

Together with citizens, companies and fellow governments we have turned Flanders into a leading region when it comes to the sustainable management of waste, materials and soils in the last several decades. To maintain this leading position, OVAM is now moving up a gear. We will expand the circular economy in Flanders, in which a sustainable management of waste, materials and soil provides new resources, materials and space.